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“OFF” is a new space dedicated to your seminars, meetings and events in Wavre. It has been designed for anyone aspiring to manage their company and business relations differently. We have entered a whole new era of development and management is changing… “OFF” is where you’ll find this new organisational model that injects direction, enthusiasm and authenticity into the way we deal with other people.

“The greatest danger in these troubled times is not trouble itself; it is continuing to operate using the same logic as before.”

Peter Drucker

“OFF” makes everything available to ensure that all of your business dealings run smoothly. This includes the latest innovative technology to suit your needs, but especially a setting that helps turn your ideas into profitable business: staff totally dedicated to accommodating your requirements and making sure you are comfortable, natural green surroundings that are exceptionally quiet – even a kitchen garden to provide you with healthy local produce. “OFF”, “Out of the Office”, is the promise of a warm welcome that focuses on the best of human and natural values. Our job is your satisfaction.

Our spaces

Every space has been carefully considered, based on the central theme favoured by “OFF”: nature. The atmosphere in every room enjoys the benefit of careful design, while special thought has been given to the colours, making each room unique. Our principal aim is to meet everyone’s needs; the layout of the rooms is flexible and can be adjusted to suit your requirements. The aim is to enable occupants to enjoy a clever mix of comfort, technology and aesthetics, while conveying the pleasant impression of working and evolving in line with the seasons.

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Our services

In addition to providing a warm, smiling welcome, the OFF team guarantees you a personalised approach. Your project is unique and its special features will be taken into account from the very first contact. Your event will be studied, prepared and tailored to meet your needs so that it is a success and an unforgettable OFF experience for you and your guests. Our aim is your satisfaction!

Save time

Each of your meetings is carefully planned to optimise your time and enhance the quality of your event.

Hotel rooms

We make spacious, plush and comfortable guestrooms available to you. Our rooms are designed to accommodate you equally well for a single night or for several weeks. They are all equipped to deliver the feeling of “home, sweet home” plus stunning views over the greenery outside.


The way OFF is situated and positioned, complete with its large bay windows, brings in sunshine and excellent natural light levels all year round. The 400 m2 restaurant enjoys panoramic views over the fields and greenery of the surrounding area.

20 minutes from the airport

Ideally located, just a few kilometres from Zaventem and the centre of the city.

À la carte service

Local produce and healthy organic food prepared to perfection – not forgetting the great classics. The food at OFF can be adjusted to every specific requirement, from a simple yet excellent sandwich to a range of gastronomic menus.

In the countryside

Fields as far as the eye can see, indoor plants and decoration based on the theme of nature – plus a lovely kitchen garden to enjoy. All the ingredients for calm and relaxation at all your events.

Quality Welcome Service

Our aim: to ensure the barometer of your satisfaction is “Set Fair”.

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Please contact Céline Fontaine
for more information or to make a booking.

412 Chaussée de Bruxelles, 1300 Wavre, Belgium

Telephone +32(0)27930193